Bowflex Revolution Review

A Professional Bowflex Workout Guide

This isn’t a Bowflex manual by any means, this is a complete workout guide on how to transform your body. All photos in the book are accompanied by a Bowflex machine, but really the plan included can be used on any kind of home gym.

This workout guide will give you a great exercise plan which you can easily follow with your Bowflex home gym, the perfect diet which is based upon calories consumed, great advice on super-hydration, and full scientific explanations behind each of the unique concepts.

About a third of the book is dedicated to exercises, while the rest covers the history of the Bowflex, the importance on understanding the science behind muscle and fat, and other theory about losing weight and building muscle.

You can find this book used on Half for about $14.00 – a great deal and worthwhile investment.

Read what people are saying about this Bowflex PR 1000 workout guide:

The book came and my first reaction was… this guy is nuts. I read most of the book thinking it would just get placed on the book shelf with all the other diet books I’ve collected over the years.

My second reaction was… this is different than all those other books (including the manual) and all those other books aren’t working so what do I have to lose but some flab? I’m on my second week following the plan in this book and I’ve lost around 8 pounds and I can see my arms are toning up.

This is an excellent book! By following the workout routines I lost 14 lbs and gained 5 1/2 lbs of muscle in 6 weeks. I did NOT strictly follow the diet guidelines, but if I did I would probably have doubled my fat loss. In fact, I pigged out on meals and desserts for about five days during Thanksgiving (within the 6 week period).

Dr. Darden’s principals as explained in this book have turned me into a lifetime fan. I love working out on the bowflex trainer M5 Max and have stuck with it for 10 weeks now and have no plans on stopping. I highly recommed this book.

bowflex workout

As a woman who owns a Bowflex Machine, I was pleased to see this book on how to use Bowflex effeciently and productively. And I wasn’t disappointed.

Chapter 22, “Hips and Thighs:Tackling the Tough Spots”, is exactly what I’ve been looking for to address my problem areas. Chapter 11 on “Muscle”, and Chapter 12 on “Fat”, are clearly written and helped me understand the science behind my own body’s composition. Chapter 26, “Those Last 5 Pounds: 30 Tips on How to Lose Them” effectively summarizes Elllington Darden’s philosophy. I appreciate the balanced presentation for women and men,in both text and pictures.

I recommend this book for any woman who has a Bowflex Machine, or any woman who ever considered using Bowflex.The numerous before-and-after photographs will help you to realistically “picture the possibilities” of what you can expect from Bowflex training and proper eating.


Why Do People Love Tanzanite Engagement Rings?

If you’ve been paying attention to the gemstone and jewelry world lately, or you’re on the hunt for the perfect engagement ring for that special someone, chances are you’ve come across tanzanite. A deep bluish purple gemstone that resembles sapphire in its coloring, tanzanite has become the darling of the jewelry industry, and especially a favorite among colored gemstone engagement rings. But why do people love tanzanite engagement rings? In this article, we take a deeper look into this new trend, and discuss two of the main reasons why people have been loving tanzanite and are purchasing tanzanite engagement rings from tanzanite rings headquarters.

The Best of Both Worlds

a stunning tanzanite engagement ringBefore tanzanite became popular, sometimes the only appearances of this stone were when sellers masqueraded it as sapphire to unsuspecting buyers. This was doable because tanzanite, in its high quality form, is the same bluish brilliant color as sapphire—and in public can often be mistaken for its much more expensive cousin. Tanzanite itself, however, can show itself in two different hues. The fluorescent color is blue, while in its incandescent light, the stone can exhibit indigo and purplish tones.

This shift and duality of color is one reason why people love tanzanite, and it has become a popular choice as the center stone for engagement rings and tanzanite jewelry pieces. Tanzanite engagement rings offer an ever-shifting color that does not get boring or dull to both the wearer and those glimpsing the color on her finger.

The modern consumer tends to value uniqueness in jewelry and equates one-of-a-kind with higher value and worth, and so a tanzanite engagement ring, with its beautiful and different coloring and type, has become a sought-after engagement ring choice.

The Best Time to Buy

According to the office that studies Gem valuation, since 2005, the price for tanzanite has steadily been increasing over the years, with only a slight dip in 2013 after a publication was released erroneously stating that new, “cheaper” tanzanite was found on the market even so with tanzanite tennis bracelet. That report was proven false, and tanzanite continues to see a steady rise in its value on the gemstone market, which means that if you’re looking to purchase this stone while it is still an incredibly affordable deal, there’s no time like the present! More people are buying tanzanite engagement rings and tanzanite jewelry before the price reaches the same height as the other major gemstone types like rubies, sapphire, and topaz.