Marlow Earts

marlow eartsLover of turquoise jewelry and lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico

The Missouri-born jeweler and designer Marlow Earts moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico fifteen years ago after attending a wedding in the city and falling in love with the culture, the weather, and the art. His jewelry infuses the beauty and style of the Southwest, with a particular focus on turquoise hues and bright stones of different sizes and shapes. His jewelry is known for its unique designs and colors. His collection includes a wide variety of precious gemstones, including tanzanite and turquoise, in vibrant colors, intricate carvings, and creative takes on a classic style. Marlow was born in Florissant, Missouri and grew up in St. Louis, learning the jewelry trade during an apprenticeship with a master bench jeweler in the city. He has created a style of jewelry reflective of New Mexico’s history and past, yet contemporary for the women of today.

All Marlow’s jewelry is handmade with polished stones, silver, and gold-plated metals, and with the exception of a few, every piece featured on this blog is available for sale. Marlow also is happy to work on commissioned pieces, and has made many unique engagement rings and one-of-a-kind gifts of special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or the birth of a child. One of Marlow’s favorite gifts for new mother’s is a tanzanite pendant or ring, as tanzanite is a traditional gift bestowed to new mothers as a way to commemorate a birth and bring both mother and child future good luck.

Marlow’s jewelry has been featured on numerous online blogs, in international trade shows, and even in fashion magazines. Years ago Marlow purchased a significant quantity of high-quality turquoise and tanzanite stones, and as the prices of these gemstones increased each year, Marlow has been able to keep his prices affordable and stable, and offers the highest quality pieces at prices below competitors, online and elsewhere.